Top Ten Reasons Why Denmark is a Cleantech Leader

An interesting post: Top Ten Reasons Why Denmark is a Cleantech Leader | CleanTechies Blog –

I don’t doubt that my interest in this area of research (CSR/SRI) has some connection to my visits to Denmark throughout my youth, and the influence of my Danish mother.  We would sit over a lunch of rødspætter or frikadeller and watch the soothing windmills turning in the distance.  Unlike many Americans (note the resistance to the Cape Wind project), we find them aesthetically pleasing and obviously good generally.  In fact, the attention to aesthetics by the Danes in their development of clean tech solutions should be highlighted.  I could not believe how beautiful the incineration plant was (see photo below) that I came across on a drive a couple of years ago.  I wouldn’t mind having that as a neighbor in my town!  In fact, while I’m at it, here are a few of my pics of the beautiful windmills of Denmark.  Such a model for us all.


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