A L E X A N D R A   D A L A V A G A S


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Baruch College – CUNY (link) – New York, NY – July 2011 to August 2018

Adjunct Lecturer – Department of Philosophy

Courses: Political Philosophy (PHI 3230), Global Ethics (PHI 1700), Major Issues in Philosophy (PHI 1500), Environmental Ethics, Law, & Public Policy (PHI 3200), and Existentialism in Philosophy & Literature (PHI 3000). Teaching load of one to two lecture courses per semester, with approximately 40 students per class (or 100 students in jumbo introductory courses).

Substitute Lecturer (Full-time)Department of Philosophy – Fall 2013

Served in a full-time role for one semester while a faculty member took sabbatical. Taught a full course load and fulfilled the various additional requirements of full-time faculty. Only the second non-doctorate holder ever to serve as a full-time Substitute in the Philosophy Department.

Fashion Institute of Technology – SUNY (link) – New York, NY – January 2012 to May 2015

Adjunct Lecturer – Department of Social Sciences – Philosophy

Courses: Ethics (PL-431). Teaching load of one to two lecture courses per semester, with approximately 28 students per class.

City College of New York – CUNY (link) – New York, NY – August 2010 to August 2011

Writing Fellow

Served as a Writing Fellow to satisfy the requirements of the CUNY Writing Fellowship awarded by The Graduate Center. Duties included consulting with professors and department heads to implement various strategies to improve student writing (as per the nationwide Writing Across the Curriculum initiative), as well as establishing a back-end database of resource materials and contributing to the development of a website to serve the faculty of City College in their efforts to further student writing objectives.

Baruch College – CUNY – New York, NY – August 2007 to May 2010

Graduate Teaching Fellow

Assigned as a Graduate Teaching Fellow of Ethical Theories (PHI1700) in the Philosophy Department as the teaching component of the Chancellor’s Fellowship awarded by The Graduate Center of CUNY. Teaching load of two lecture courses per semester, with approximately 40 students per class.

Amaranth Advisors (link) – Greenwich, CT – November 2004 to October 2005

Convertible Bond Analyst

Analysis and research of convertible bonds and convertible preferred stock (hybrid securities constructed of both fixed income and equity components) for a multi-strategy hedge fund that had over US$6 billion in assets under management before closing in August 2006. Responsibilities required legal and quantitative skills and included indenture research, database management, financial model building, and real-time newsflow and trading market analyses.

Thomson Financial (link) – Sydney, NSW, Australia – December 2003 to March 2004

Executive Account Manager, Corporate Group Asia/Pacific

Brought product and investor relations market expertise to the Asia/Pacific region, reporting to the Managing Director for Asia/Pacific in Hong Kong. Initiated and led efforts to expand services and client base in the Australia/New Zealand region. Analyzed financial web-based products of competition and targeted and met with local firms for potential partnership and/or acquisition.

Thomson Financial – New York, NY – November 1999 to July 2003

Relationship Manager and Director, Strategic Partners Product Development, Corporate Group

In the Product Development arena, responsible for the general design and establishment of overall product features of American Depositary Receipt (ADR) specific websites (such as http://www.adr.com and http://www.adrWISE.com) for strategic partners. Also contributed significantly to the production of Thomson Financial’s investor relations product http://www.irchannel.com (now rolled into the product called Thomson ONE). Responsibilities pertaining to all managed websites included: research of new development initiatives; benchmarking; coordinating product releases with the design and development teams from conception through design, development, and quality assurance, to final production; tracking of usage statistics; and managing ongoing issues and implementing resolutions.

On the Relationship Management side, served as the primary contact for JPMorgan Chase ADR group and Citibank ADR group, and liaised daily with senior management of each client to effect product enhancements and resolve issues. Negotiated contracts, managed website data vendors, identified revenue potential and assured the timely realization of proposed business plans. Directed resources across all departments to satisfy client directives while accounting for internal priorities and resource limitations in project scheduling.


The Graduate Center – The City University of New York (link) – New York, NY

M.Phil. – Philosophy, Awarded May 2012

Recipient of a Writing Fellowship (2010-2011), a Chancellor’s Fellowship (2006-2010) and a University Fellowship from the Department of Philosophy (2006-2007). Second time recipient of a Forris Jewett Moore Fellowship and a Sterling P. Lamprecht Fellowship from Amherst College, both for graduate education in the Arts and Humanities (2007-2008). Co-organizer of the 11th Annual CUNY Graduate Student Philosophy Conference (March 2008). Ph.D. Candidate (a.b.d.).

The University of Sydney (link) – Sydney, NSW, Australia

M.A. – Philosophy, Awarded with Merit (Honours) 2004

Recipient of a Forris Jewett Moore Fellowship and a Sterling P. Lamprecht Fellowship from Amherst College.

Amherst College (link) – Amherst, MA

B.A. – Philosophy and French, Awarded May 1999